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Bye Bye 2013

It’s the last day of the year, and it’s time to recall your successes and failures of the year and to get ready for a time of new beginnings.  For me 2013 was one of many ups and downs and periods of questioning.  Time will tell if it is a year that I will wish to forget or if it becomes a year that I will look back on as a springboard to greatness.

My one word for 2013 was good, and I believe that it served me well.  I remembered it often I as I strove to look for the good and be the good wherever I traveled.  And travelling I have done a lot!

Tomorrow I will share my OneWord for 2014 and my verse for the year. Today is a good day for you to consider discovering the same for yourself.

Thanks for reading this year.  My prayer is that these daily bits of wisdom, bad grammar, humor, and musings from my wayward mind have encouraged and aided you in your continued transformation towards finding the heart of the Christ.

But since a new year is upon us lets hunker down and get ready!


“Man the ramparts; watch the road; dress for battle; collect all your strength.” Nahum 2:1

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