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Hope Supported by Love

I got the ‘your phones storage is full’ message last night, so I started to find stuff I could delete. Obviously I could not remove any of the hundreds of apps. I mean I use all of them all the time, right? Or I might someday. So, reluctantly, I went for the old podcasts and the image gallery. Of course there was plenty of space to find between podcasts that I will never listen to and the ‘temporary images’ captured in fleeting moments of importance. While reviewing the screenshots, food pictures and shopping notes, I found this image.


I took this screen capture sometime last fall. And I was glad I did. Seeing this promise again was very affirming and motivating for me. I think you may find similar satisfaction from reminding yourself of the hope we have in our Lord.
It also was affirmed by the closing message at my church’s morning gathering. We closed the day with a video message from a small group of believers from China. The last speaker in the video said something to the effect of ‘in total Jesus fills my life with hope!’

Yes, and it will never put us to shame.

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