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Further Faster

Man, some dude stole my running shoes yesterday.

I am so disappointed.

I love running shoes.

Just so you know, when I moved into college, I moved boxes of running shoes into my dorm room.  I mean boxes!  This is on the level of the number of shoes girls typically keep lying around.  My collection has reduced a bit now.  Partly because  I pay for these things myself and partly because my total mileage has decreased. However,  I think I still have a pair sitting in every room  waiting patiently to provide service.

So, yesterday, when I discovered my current pair of shoes had involuntarily gone on the lame, assisted by an unknown person, I was pretty bummed.

But then I started thinking.  I hope this guy really needed shoes.  Maybe these worn out pair of stinking things was an upgrade for his aching feet? Maybe he just liked the way the colors highlighted his eyes.. lol .  Who knows why, but I realized I had to let this disappointment go and pray that this thief finds a blessing in his new footwear.


May we use all of our failures and disappointments to help others to go further and to go faster.

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