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Free! Anti-Slavery Day

It came to my attention this morning that in the UK today is Anti-Slavery Day.  A day that set aside to remember the amount of human trafficking and slavery that still occurs in our world. It’s actually quite shocking how much trafficking occurs, even in here in the United States.

That’s something for you to consider today, and how much of an injustice that is to people – especially since we are a people who love our freedom so much.

Or do we?

Not to reduce the human slavery notion of the day at all, but I know that is something that sometimes feels far away.  So I also want to urge you to think about your own slavery this morning – and how sometimes you might give up the freedom that the Christ gave you for the willing bondage to personal sin.

34 Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave of sin. John 8:34 New Living Translation (NLT)


So today, let’s remember our freedom, and lets remember what we serve, as we consider the reality of some of the wickedness in our World.

Being then freed from sin, we have been made servants of justice. Romans 6:18 Douay-Rheims Bible


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