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When I stop and think about how much love the creator of the world has for us, I am absolutely amazed.

I’m pretty certain it because I know what I have done in my life, the amount of bad and the tiny amount of good, and how fortunate I am that my performance doesn’t dictate the amount of love I receive from the Father.

Wow.  Why?  How?

Why and how does the Father do it?

It’s amazing.

His love doesn’t leave you alone.  It isn’t based on what you do or do not do.  He just loves you. It’s so freeing and it’s so joyful. It’s liberating!  It let you run free and light and climb as high of a mountain that may sit in front of you.

And above all of that, it’s free.  Wow!

It just doesn’t make sense.

And today I am glad I to start today knowing that I have the love of the Father.

Then I compare it to the way I treat others and how I base the amount of love I give out on performance. Sigh. Today, I will try to attempt to reflect that love to those I interact with.  Why would I not?

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