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A Light Has Come

It’s been several months since the last post to the Daily Buffet.  I finally arrived at the point at the end of a very difficult 2 years that I could not generate content that I felt was worth posting.  Most of my thoughts bounced between being  either too personal to share on the internet or redundant from days past.

However, the break has ‘done me good’ and I feel like posting again soon.  Expect the New Year to bring an update to the blog, both in content and in look and feel.

In the meantime, celebrate the coming of the light and the appearance of the Creator in the form of man.  His coming, his life and his sacrifice changed everything for all of us.

Oh and here’s one of my favorite songs from the season this year’s.



Here’s to another year where the Light chases and finds us!

O Come Emmanual!



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