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Seek Ye First

Last week I mentioned that I had found several old documents in some files I was cleaning out.   Among those documents are typed copies of a few devotional talks I gave on Wednesday nights at my church in my younger years.   Here is one from the mid 90’s entitled Seek Ye First. Enjoy!

During Thanksgiving I was fortunate enough o have a little time to read.  The main book I was reading was First Things First by Stephen Covey.  His book discussed how we as people usually feel that we are not doing the things we want to do.  His discusses evaluating your lifestyles and priorities and changing them so they conform and help you reach your goals and dreams. In the second chapter of the book he asks the following question: What is the one activity that you know if you did superbly well and consistently would have significant positive results in your life?

I started thinking about the question and I started to think of the things I find important — clothes, food, shelter, my car, my job, relationships, and…… But then I read Matthew 6.  Here in the middle of the sermon on the mount, Jesus tells us not to worry about the things that most of us worry about.  He tells us God will take care of those things.  And then he tells us how.  In verse 33 he says

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.

He tells us the answer to Covey’s question. If we seek his kingdom first, we will definitely have positive results. Listen to what he says.  Seek first his kingdom and ALL these things will be given to you as well.  The things we put first and spend so much time on are not the things that should be FIRST.  The Bible give us our priorities.

Then Covey asks another question. If the answer to the question will give you positive results in you life, why aren’t you doing it?

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