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Great work

These Fridays are just rolling around with what seems to be ridiculous speed.  Three weekends are past and this ends the 4 week.  7 segments of seven remain for the year. Including today 49 Friday’s are left in this container we call a year.

This week I was listening to Andy Stanley’s new year new you 2014 message.  This was his message to encourage people to continue their transformations in 2014.  during that talk he mention the story on Nehemiah, who if you don’t recall traveled to a destroyed Jerusalem to restore his people.  When he arrived he began to fervently rebuild the city’s wall.  This was his focus.  His task.  His mission.  He didn’t waver, he didn’t allow others to sidetrack him.  In a humorous response, when asked to meet with some local dignitaries he responded multiple times with these words

“I’m doing a great work; I can’t come down.” Nehemiah 6:3

As we end this week and take out another marble, remember those words.  You are doing a great work.  Stay focused on your tasks.  Keep going.  Don’t get sidetracked, and don’t allow things that are not moving your along to become your focus.  And maybe, just maybe we should learn this second lesson from Nehemiah.  He leaned on the Creator.

I prayed, “Give me strength.” Nehemiah 6:9

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