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Hope that is not in vain

Two days ago I wrote about Joseph and his remarkable ability to stay focused on God even when it seemed that his life was falling down around him. The story is such a great example of well placed hope. Sort of like the hope found in Israel described below by the  prophet Isaiah.

those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” (Isaiah 49:23 NIV)

Remembering this promise each day as I deal with the junk called ‘daily life’ provides with me a little more optimist and widens my ability to accept difficulties.  Knowing that  hope is not misplaced sends all of our first world problems to the background and helps move the focus on to the things that have importance.  Things like relationships, building up others, and like Joseph giving your best effort every day.

Take a moment throughout the day to refresh the placement of your hope, and reveal in the promise.  Then go and do.


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