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Wow, I am still so embarrassed about the text of yesterday’s post. These ramblings are quite often full of bad grammar and typos, but not one that changes the meaning so violently. Anyway, i am glad you are able to move past it and not unsubscribe.

Today is All Hallows’ Eve, a very interesting holiday that you should spent a little but of time reading about. But in modern times it’s become the start of the Holiday season, and that’s because OCT 31 = DEC 25 ( math joke!).

So to celebrate this “holiday ” here is a little song from Disneyland.

With all this talk of souls and spirits, my mind goes to this quote from Mary.

And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord, (Luke 1:46 KJV)

Let us let our souls magnify the Lord on this day dedicated to spirits.

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