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For years I have traveled to the beach with my brother-in-law and for years he would make it his mission to search and find a sand dollar. It happened that at the beach we visited sand dollars were a rare find most years. Even so he would search diligently each day with a nice slow walk down the beach. In the meantime, the joy of hunting for other shells decreased with each trip. The lure of the commonly found shells had dissipated and the focus on the goal was all consuming. Finally one summer we traveled to a lesser used portion of the beach, and he hit the jackpot. The prize was discovered and the victory was won! He still looks for sand dollars, but the main thrust of his search is complete.

Yesterday, I found myself in a similar situation. I was walking on a sandbar where sand dollars where everywhere. Just reach down and grab them. They were as common as a normal shell, and the familiarity decreased its interest. But for me, I was looking for the elusive shark tooth. They are supposed to be here I thought as I now found myself burdened with a search as I strolled the sea shore.

That’s how we are. We are comfortable with the familiar and are always looking for something new. Today I remind you of the one thing that we should always desire, even when we have found it. It’s value should never grow old.

Search for the Lord and for His strength; seek His face always. (1 Chronicles 16:11 NET)

Maybe today will bring the sharks tooth, maybe it will not. Either way, I will keep searching. and actually, I will keep searching for sand dollars as well- just bigger ones. And, despite, my feelings of familiarity. I will keep the search for the greatest kingdom and the strength of the Lord fresh and alive throughout the day. I hope you will as well.

Keep Searching

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