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Big Stuff

I was sitting my front porch watching those big storms roll in last night. It was quite impressive with the changes in the wind, and the loud rumbling thunder and the cracking of the lightning.  I usually find the front edge of a storm like that always the most impressive.  But as I was sitting there, letting my mind wander through the clouds, an even more impressive thought came to my head.  I realized that the creator of the world, could have totally made that storm stop if he wanted to.  I mean he’s done it before!

That’s Big Stuff!

And just imagine, if he can do that, just imagine what he can do with whatever storms might be in your life.

That’s Big Stuff!

12 Power that made the earth, wisdom that orders nature, foresight that spread out the heavens! 13 At the sound of his voice, what mustering of the waters overhead! He summons up the cloud-wrack from the world’s end, turns the lightning into a rain-storm, brings the winds out of his store-house; Jeremiah 10:12 (Knox)


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