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It’s Beginning To Look Like…

Here we go, into the last weekend before the last weekend before Christmas.  The mad rush that is the Christmas season is really starting to pick up.  Many students are heading into the dreadful week of finals and the stores are beginning to push their “almost last-minute” Christmas sales.  As for me, I still need to get started.

I guess I actually got started last night, when I put up the Christmas tree, but boy it looks drab this morning.

It’s missing something!  It appears to be in dire need of a transformation. And you know I love transformations, so I can’t wait to share what this little tree will look like once the master gets her hands on it this weekend. (I am sure you will be waiting with much anxiety all weekend to find out what this guy will look like on Monday morning!)

But I digress, on this Friday, as you head into the weekend that I am sure is full of lots of great Holiday fun, take a moment to remember that without the gift we have been given we are drab like this artificial tree.  Go throughout the weekend focusing on the fact that  “unto us a child is born!  and to us a son is given! (Isaiah 9:6)”  That’s no myth.  It’s real life changing stuff.  To US!  Wow! That should bring a smile to your face all weekend, no matter where you park your car, nor how long the lines are!  And maybe those words will bring a song to your lips!



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