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Fiesta Hoy

Yesterday I spend some time in Epcot and was able to visit one of my most favorite rides in the park. No not Soarin’. We always head over to Mexico and ride the ride formerly known as El Rio de Tiempo. For some reason i just love that silly little ride.
Anyway there is one section I like to call little its a small world. When you enter that section there is a big banner that says Fiesta Hoy.
That’s one of the my favorite things about this place its a celebration everyday. I think the trick for us is to figure out how to turn the stress that Joel wrote about yesterday it something that helps us celebrate and find joy in the day. That’s tough, but it’s something this place and the mercy given to me from my Father help to inspire in me.
For instance read this from my good friend Tamara whose grandmother is dying this week.

With her vitals fluctuating that tells us the end is near. I am so sad, but cannot wait for the moment God takes the old oxygen cords from her and gives her brand new lungs & whole new body. What a day that will be!

Lets find a way to enjoy the journey while keeping an eye on the destination! Fiesta Hoy!

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