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I have had it, you have had it…. we have all had it.  Stress effects each one of us differently.  Sometimes emotional, sometimes physical and sometimes even spiritual.  To categorize any one person’s stress would take more time than I have to write. 

For me, it eats at me emotionally and then over time, I start to see the physical side effects.  For instance, at my last dental cleaning, the hygentist asked me, “have you been grinding your teeth?!”  I said, “not that I know of, why?”  She went on to explain that the small cracks I had in one of my mollars were caused by grinding my teeth.  I had no idea until I caught myself grinding my teeth one night as I lied awake in bed thrashing (work-related) thoughts around my brain.  All the mental and emotional wear of work finally caused physical damage!  Albeit only a minor and very fixable situation, but still, a result of STRESS.

So what’s the solution to our stressful lives?  Less work, more play?  I honestly don’t have an answer, but I do know what helps… Family!  Knowing that their love is unconditional and that I will always have a shoulder to lean on gets me these stressful times.  What helps you in the endless battle of Stress?

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