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Hip to Be Square

Its Geek Pride Day!  Also know as Towel Day – a reference to “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.  So the Daily Buffet will wear it’s Geekyness with Pride Today.  I think I will go march in a parade with all of my technology.

So for starters, here is the Klingon version of John 3:16

Klingon Language Version
3:16 | nuq ghajtaH moj vo’ the joHHom vo’ the heathen je such as ruled the Ha’DIbaHmey upon the tera’,

I guess!

Second, if you are really interested in tying the bible to Geeks and such,  there is a tween book at Amazon called Bible Freaks and Geeks.  Looks Great!

Third, back to John 3:16,  this time in three versions of Leet (1337), the hacker language from the New Hacker Version

F0r G0d $0 l0v3d th3 w0rld, th@t h3 g@v3 hi$ 0nly b3g0tt3n $0n, th@t wh0$03v3r b3li3v3th in hi|v| $h0uld n0t p3ri$h, but h@v3 3v3rl@$ting lif3.
F0r G0d $0 l0v3d 7#3 w0rld, 7#@7 #3 g@v3 #!$ 0nly b3g0773n $0n, 7#@7 w#0$03v3r b3l!3v37# !n #!|v| $#0uld n07 p3r!$#, bu7 #@v3 3v3rl@$7!ng l!f3.
|=0r 60|) $0 |_0\/3|) 7|-|3 \^/0r|_|), 7|-|@7 |-|3 9@\/3 |-|1$ 0|\||_y b390773|\| $0|\|, 7|-|@7 \^/|-|0$03\/3r b3|_13\/37|-| 1|\| |-|1|\/| $|-|0u|_|) |\|07 |>3r1$|-|, bu7 |-|@\/3 3\/3r|_@$71|\|9 |_1|=3.

And finally here it is from the LOLCats bible.  I am not kidding!

16 So liek teh Ceiling Kitteh lieks teh ppl lots and he sez ‘Oh hai I givez u me only kitteh and ifs u beleeves him u wont evr diez no moar, kthxbai!’

Ceiling Kitteh, are you serious!  What fun.  So pull up you waist band, wear your glasses with pride, enjoy the day, remember 1Cor 9:25-27

25 Dey work hard to get teh medul. (But if dey taekz steroidz dey haz to givv it bak.) We iz workin hard to get a bettr priez. It will last forevr.26 I iz not just runnin around or wavin mai pawz in teh air.27 I work hard to maek mai bodi mai slaev so I wil win teh priez.

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