Daily Post

Flat Tire Friday

For several reasons I have had to park my truck outside in the drive way versus the inside of the garage.  So this frigid morning, as I headed out to drive into the office, I was greeting with a nice layer thick 20 something degree layer of frost on my windshield. So I grabbed my southern style ice scraper ( a piece of plastic that is not much bigger than a credit card) and when to town on the window.  As I went around to the passenger side, I met thicker ice and a tire that looked incredibly sad and droopy.  I think it did not like being outside either.  So off I went to find my small little pump to inflate that guy back up to a happy level.  Ten minutes later, my window was clear, the truck was warm, and my tire was ready to roll!

And so it seems as we wind down this week, several of us may feel like that tire, cold, deflated and just not rolling correctly.  A work week tends to do that to people! Take a look at this, and let this work like that little 12V air compressor, and give you a little life to make it through the day and into the weekend.

60 “Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.  Isaiah 60:1  New International Version (NIV)