Daily Post

Week in Review

It’s Friday again, and around my house even though the thermometer sits in the upper 90’s, summer is rapidly coming to a close.  Monday is the start of a new school year,  and subsequently  I am spending my time today away from the normal haunts and activities to spend a few hours with the boys before they are engrossed in homework, practices, events and friends.  Therefore today’s post is quite simple, but I think very powerful.

Last Friday, I noticed one of the groups I follow on Twitter posted this simple question:

Take a look back at this week…what was a highlight?

So today, I ask you the same thing.  What was the highlight of your week?  Give it some thought and also throughout the weekend think about what you will do to make some highlights next week!

And while you are thinking here is a obscure verse from the book of Job to enocurage you through the day.  Its relates, it’s up to you to make the connection!

9 Nevertheless, the righteous will hold to their ways,
and those with clean hands will grow stronger.  Job 17:9New International Version (NIV)

I am off to make some highlights!