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Toothbrush Visits

While I was in college, occasionally after strolling down the hall to the common bathroom to brush my teeth, I would continue around the corner to some of my friend’s room and “talk” with them for a while.   This may be TMI, but it is funny.  Usually, this was with my toothbrush in hand and my boxers on.

Years have past since those fun days but yesterday on my Facebook wall this is what I saw:

Yep, A reference back to those great days, by one of my very good college classmates.  We have joked about this one and off for years.  I am sure you have friendships like this as well, where you can meet after years and pick up just where you left off.  Those friendships are special, but how do we arrive at those.

I think its from shared experiences.  Experiences like the trauma of me coming into your dorm room in my undies.  Well, maybe, put probably deeper and more meaningful experiences then that.  I think it also from trust and “exposing” yourself.  No no, not in that way.   I mean, by opening up, and becoming a trusting soul, truly interested in what others are interesting in, and at the same time becoming slightly unguarded.  These relationships are special and are important, and I think are worth the risk.

In 1 Samuel 18:1, David and Jonathan “become one in spirit”.  They created a bond that we can continue to study as a great example of friendship.

So today, work on those friendship.  Continue to take an interest in the people around you and show them the love and mercy you have been shown.  Who knows what sort of bond you may develop.