Daily Post

Pending Setup

Well, that’s the state of my March Fourth Project!   In order to get my little project complete from yesterday I needed to set up a database.  Usually the GoDaddy application installation happens in like twenty minutes.  But I guess they were out last night making another Go Daddy girl commercial, because my database install did not go anywhere, and my project was once again cast back to the procrastination pile!

The funny thing is that is how my day started as well.  I just could not get started this am.  Hitting the snooze alarm, waiting as long as I could to do anything I needed to this morning – its like my brain was Pending Setup.  So after asking Andrew his spelling words for his test today ( its Friday you know – that means Spelling Tests),  I ask him to recite his memory verse one more time.  (He also has to memorize a verse of the bible each week that he recites on Friday. )  He spat it out:

33Whatyou should want most is God’s kingdom and doing what he wants you to do. Then he will give you all these other things you need. (Matt 6:33 ERV)

And then it hit me.  That was what I need to complete the setup and get this day going.  Forget about the mundane stuff that is sure to happen today, just focus on God’s Kingdom and what he wants you to do.  That’s motivating me today – I hope it helps you as well.  Enjoy the Day!  It is Friday, and Spring is in the air!