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Happy Birthday King James

I am still trying to adjust to a life without electricty so I decided to celebrate the 144 hour mark with a little blogging, however I have been undecided aboout what to write about this morning. In the scheme of things having no power is not that big of a deal, but it definitely highlights how wonderful a blessing a simple thing like a working electrical circuit is. So with dreams of SpectroMagic dancing around in my head I jumped over to my favorite online bible site and saw this verse today and thought it appropriate for all of us:

 11-13Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard times; pray all the harder. Help needy Christians; be inventive in hospitality. (Romans 12:12, The Message)

But then I realized that today is the 400 Birthday of the good old King James Version of the bible – and you know what htey say if its good enough for Paul, it’s good enough for us!

 11Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;

 12Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;

 13Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality. (Romans 12:11-13, King James Version)

So Happy Birthday KJV! Long live the King!

And for all of you out there realize the blessings you have around you and share those with as much innovation and joy that you can muster!

Daily Post

Second Chances

Oh I feel so bad for the Tennessee Volunteers – the purveyor of second chances. If you did not know, twice this year, it appeared the Volunteers had victory in its hand as the clock expired, and twice, the officials gave the opposing team one second and a second chance to beat the Volunteers.

So here we sit at the end of 2010, the relative last seconds of the game called 2010. How did you match up against your goals? Did you achieve your resolutions from last year – or did you fail short? If you did, you will get a second chance to beat those resolutions, as the new year is upon us. Even though it feels like the end of the game, a new year provides a second chance towards victory. So even though its really just another day, use this ending of the year as a ‘life marker’- a line in the sand – and be transformed.

Look at these words of encouragement from Isaiah, which are actually the’s verse of the day:

“This is what the LORD says— he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” – Isaiah 43:16, 18-19 New International Version, ©2010.