Daily Post


I love the feeling that exists at schools in the fall.  Yesterday, I was able to take my children to their school’s registration day.  There is always so much excitement in the air.  Old friends that you have not seen for several weeks.  New schedules, new people, new opportunities and new beginnings.

The electricity and energy in the air is so contagious.  Do you remember that feeling?  It is only supplanted by the actual first day of school – when there are new teachers, new friends, new routines, new pencils, new pencil boxes, and anticipation!  I only wish I could bottle that energy and sell it to others, because most of the time, our days are not like these days.  The anticipation we hold is sometimes akin to the anticipation of a man walking to the gallows.

I wish so much I could capture that new school year anticipation and let it explode from me each day. You know, what is so interesting is that we as followers of the Christ have this little promise of his return – a event  that could happen any day.  Man, if we could just re-create that atmosphere of  anticipation everyday! I wonder how much energy, urgency and excitement we would have each day?

 31But those expecting Jehovah pass [to] power, They raise up the pinion as eagles, They run and are not fatigued, They go on and do not faint! Isaiah 40:31  Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

As the kids would chant at camp last week  oooooooohhh, yeah, yeah, yeah!