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I can hardly believe that’s the year.

It seems like last week I was avoiding working on Y2K problems, and here we are so many years removed.   On the other hand, that time seems so far away, in a world that was completely different than today.

Either way, in so many ways, it’s unsettling how time goes by. It can be such a thief.

I’ve written about time a lot in the past and about redeeming the time (here, here, here here and more if you look back!).  I’ve come to realize that time is my biggest enemy and largest fear.   Maybe it’s because my sport is all about racing the clock. Maybe it’s because part of my job is to make things faster (both in the product and in the time it takes to construct!).   Maybe it’s because I am so aware of how little of it that I actually have.  Or maybe because it has no reusable attributes to it.

I don’t know, but as I go into 2017, I will be acutely aware of how I am spending each little drop.

So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom. Psalm 90:12

And I am still working on the one word for this year.  I think I post it later this week.  How about you? What’s your focus?  How will you redeem your time?

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