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The Railway Man

Over the weekend, I watched a fantastic movie called The Railway Man.  It’s based on a true story from the second World War and recounts the post-war trauma a British soldier, Eric Lomax, experienced from the time he spent in a Japanese POW camp.

If you want to watch this without knowing the ending just stop now, or jump to the end.

Years after the war, the soldier seeks out his previous tormenter and a pretty intense reunion ensues, ending with an exchange of letters as reconciliation wins the day.  I love this from the very end of the movie.

Dear Mr. Nagase, the war has been over for many years. I have suffered much, but I know you have suffered, too. And you have been most courageous, and brave in working for reconciliation. While I cannot forget what happened in Kanchanaburi, I assure you of my total forgiveness. Sometime the hating has to stop.

Although several parts of the movie are dramatized from the actual event.  This quote is fairly close to the letter that was sent from the Lomax to Nagase.  As we go about today, let us make sure that the hating stops with us.

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