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A Quick Review

Very seldom do I ever go back and read what I have written.   I remember a lot of the posts, so when I reference them, I reference them from memory. However, as I mentioned a few days ago, I have a ton of half written posts and thoughts floating around. There are so many, and so many that I have revisited so many times I thought I had already posted them!   So last night, I quickly reviewed my posts from this year.  I have to say, there’s some good motivating and inspiring stuff in there!  Which given the state of my mind over the last 10 months is actually quite amazing!

Anyway, I finally feel like my mind is calming and things in my life are beginning to turn back to some sort of normal.  The last two years have worked their magic and the Lord has had his way. ( as if that is not what goes on every day!)

I pray that in some way you have benefited from the somewhat sporadic, mostly brief musings I have posted so far in 2015.   I hope I don’t duplicate any thoughts over the next few weeks, but hey repetition is good too.  After all, ‘there are three that testify’ ( 1 John 5:7)

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