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I can’t believe it’s the eighth day of the year already.  I am sure you have already broken your resolutions, however, I am so scattered right now that I haven’t even created a list!  I can see I am having a bit of trouble maintaining a certain level of focus as the year gets started.  That’s evident in the scarcity and brevity of the posts on this wonderful site.

Sometimes the first step to solving a problem is self-recognition, so at least there’s that!

My son, stay focused; listen to the wisdom I have gained;
    give attention to what I have learned about life
So you may be able to make sensible judgments
    and speak with knowledge. Proverbs 5:1-2

Actually, I think my issue may not be one of scatteredness, just more about getting back into a rhythm and habit.  There have been several distractions like the weather and work this week that have taken me out of my normal schedule and have taken a little bit more of my time.

Either way, stick with it.  This place will begin to shape up because ‘inch by inch, it’s a cinch’!

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