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Have It Your Way

I have been thinking and pondering how Jesus attacked problems that were in his path, and trying to cull out from his example what I can learn and apply to things that happen on my daily walk.  Obviously he went off by himself to pray, recharge and think quite often.  And I think that is something that we forget about quite often!

But it’s the way he takes action when its time to take action that is stuck in my mind. He is often quick and decisive and passionate for his cause.  And then there’s his ability to say to the father I’ll did it your way.

But do what you want, and not what I want. Matthew 26:39

Then add on top of that his ability to forcefully and accurately carry out that direction.  That takes a ton of devotion, strength and discipline (and preparation and training!)  That’s what I am thinking about this morning. The example he left to follow the cause with incredible dedication and to fight to the end (and fight to win!) is really impressive.

Something to consider as you approach your day, and it’s battles.

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