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It Is I!

This morning I have stared at the words the Christ said to his boys when he walked across the water to meet their boat.  Ok, yes, I know that sentence is pretty amazing and terrifying.  And that’s why he said this to them

Take Courage! It is I, Don’t be afraid. Mark 6:50

That’s even more awesome.  How can that be more awesome than walking on water?  It’s contains more awesomeness because he still speaks those words to us today.  He says “hey bro, I got your back, I am your wing-man, don’t be afraid.”  Who would not want to take on any challenge with someone like that at your side?

So today, as you conquer meetings, and vanquish the foes of hard relationships. As you deal with illness, and children that are stretching their wings.  As you maneuver the river of life, remember those words and that he is right with you!

Take Courage!


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