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I was up early this morning doing sanding some drywall, trying to get this wall ready to paint.  I can’t relate to you how much I had to sand anything.  It’s so tedious.  But the results when you are finished – Oh wow!.  It’s always amazing to watch something rough and raged turn into something smooth and useful.

What I am glad it that our creator must like sanding, because I think he really gets joy out of the final product – especially when it ( us) bring him glory. So you may be up against the grit now.  Just let it keep refining you, and I think you will be amazed how that makes you better in the end.


Praise our God, all peoples,
let the sound of his praise be heard;
he has preserved our lives
and kept our feet from slipping.
10 For you, God, tested us;
you refined us like silver.
11 You brought us into prison
and laid burdens on our backs.
12 You let people ride over our heads;
we went through fire and water,
but you brought us to a place of abundance. Ps 66:8-12 NIV

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