Daily Post Talk Like a Pirate Day


Ahoy, th’ oceans deep hath made the’r way around that blazin’ cannon ball once again.  ‘n once again it be speak  like a scurvy pirate tide!

And nay talk like a gentleman o’ fortune tide would be complete without me tellin’ ye scurvy dogs ‘bout how ye be free.

I’ve spun ‘tis yarn a the hour or a pair before, one ‘tis new fanged in6terweb, which shant be th’ same as tellin’ it on th’ seven seas. But for fear o’ the rocks sendin’ me to spy wit’ ye eye Davy Jones locker,  ‘t be time t’ tell ‘t again.

Spy wit’ ye deadlights bucko , we be free.  Free t’ do what we want on accoun’ o’ that guy tookst our sin t’ th’ cross.  He was marooned by his hands for pieces of eight. He sailed’ t’  Davy Jones’ locker an’ raised again. Th’ salt made us clist, spit shined , swabbed clist as th’ decks.  And now we be free to sail the seven seas.  Blimey, if this dead man told a tale!  We be havin’ but one captain an’ one voyage.  To obey th’ lad, an’ t’ serve others.

Look, here be th’ captains orders.

34 A new commandment I gift unto ye, me hearties, That ye love one another; as I be havin’ loved ye, that ye also love one another. John 13:34

Smartly there, men!

Take no Quarter.

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