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Happy Flag Day

It’s Flag Day, and for some reason its one of my strongest memories of elementary school ( besides messing up the 8’s multiplication table).  It’s probably because I every time I remember doing those Flag Day activities at school, I always stop and think, why were we still in school on June 14! So for me today marks the official day of summer!  There’s no one that should still be in school after today!!!!

 Anyway, it’s flag day – so let’s celebrate the ol’ Stars and Stripes!  But since as Christ followers we are ‘strangers in this here land’, lets not forget the other flag that we live under.  Let us be like Moses and remember the Lord is our banner!

 15 Then Moses built an altar and named it The Lord is my Banner.  Exodus 17:15  New Century Version (NCV)

Wave it Proudly!