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The Prize

Today I will say goodbye to my grandmother, Wilma Dotson, a curator of hugs, the maker of the greatest potato salad in the world, and the best quilter in Ritchie County. I think I have written about her example of simplicity of my life before. Last night we received friends at the local funeral home. It was really amazing to listen to old friends and family recount tales of her friendliness or how she was always positive or of the example of a follower of the Christ she was to so maybe people she impacted. The stories ranged from her teens years right up to the last days of her ninety-second year.

When I think about her I think about this Proverb

Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life. Proverb 16:31

I will never taste that potato salad again, nor received one of those hugs or hear her laugh, but I am forever shaped by her legacy, and her example. And for that I am quite happy!

I hope I can learn from her, even as she is gone, so that one day my head is hoary, gained by a righteous life- just like her.

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