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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2011

Avast finally it be here Mate’s!

I Be cuttin’ off your peg-leg landlubbers, agin ‘t’s the natter like a sea dog tide! This be one o’ me favorite days. So “Blow me down!”, sit astern an’ enjoy ‘nother tell’n o’ th’ tale.

It be hard t’ b’lieve.

I’ve  b’n think’n bout how the scurvy dog gave aloft the Fiddler’s Green and all th’ loot fer us. How tha Old Sea Dog set port from th’ most blitheringly glorious place so that he could come down an’ be wi’ us. How he could lower hisself  below th’ bilge rats. Aye, me hearties, like he crawled out of the bung hole., so that we could be havin‘ life.  Blimey, he be keel hauled, even danced with Jack Ketch, to be keepin’ us from Davy Jones’ Locker.

5 Let this mind be in ye which be also in Christ Jesus, 6 who, bein’ in th’ form o’ God, did nay consider ‘t robbery t’ be equal wi’ God, 7 but poxed Hisself o’ nay reputation, aye even shark bait, takin’ th’ form o’ a bondservant, an’ comin’ in th’ likeness o’ scallywags. 8 An’ bein’ found in appearance as a scallywag, the sea dog humbled Hisself an’ became obedient t’ th’ point o’ Davy Jones’ locker, e’en th’ Davy Jones’ locker o’ th’ cross. Philippians 2:5-8

It makes me want t’ swap the poop deck, it makes me want t’ set port an’ t’ do someth’n. What a great bit of swag.  He be a great example.

And ye may lay to that!

Hoist the Colors, me hearties!

No quarter!


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