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Toasted, Roasted, and Sweet

It’s Toasted Marshmallow’s day.  I am not sure why that is not later in the fall, as it seems that it would be ridiculous to gather around a camp fire in August when it is still in the 90’s even when the sun is setting.

And for some reason with the thought of marshmallows I am reminded of a song and, it seems,  cereal.

Anyway, that song it about the only thing rattling around in my brain now, for me it seems more like Toasted Brain day, as I feel as I have sort of been writing the same thing each and every day.   But not to worry, I have some undeveloped thoughts that will be posting themselves very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the look back at marshmallow days of yesteryear ( or last year!), and as you move through your marshmallow world, make sure you are the yummy goodness inside and not the burnt toasted crunchy part on the outside!

And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. ESV Luke 6:31

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