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Wind Watching

Lately, I have been thinking a whole lot about taking risks and getting out on my comfort zone and all of that.  One thing that I seem to struggle with around this risk is making it a priority and just doing it.  You see it’s been my observation in life that for the most part you do what you want to do.  Obviously there are times where other events dictate your decisions, but for hte most part, we do the things that we want to do.  You attend the events you want to attend and don’t attend the ones you don’t want to. 

Except when it comes to stepping out and changing.  Then we sit and find excuses as to why we can’t do the thing we want – and we are pretty good at that.  So today, just a little challenge, and encouragement to continue to break down those excuses.  For instance look at this wisdom from Ecclesiates.

 4 Whoever watches the wind will not plant;
   whoever looks at the clouds will not reap. (Ecclesiastes 11:4, New International Version)

Stop watching the wind and the clouds, and break out of your ruts.  Challenge yourself today to make one small change you have been wanting to make.  I’m starting by getting all this junk off my desk at work – one small change.. How about you?

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