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A New Psalm

The other day I was bouncing around the book of Psalm investigating the prayers of King David and discovered something very new. It was like this little gem had been hidden from my eyes for years, or maybe someone had remove the page from my bible I dunno. Either way, I found the 141 rendition of the Psalms to be quite fascinating and intriguing. It could be that David’s prayer and my prayer are just matching up, but since I can’t recall this being expressed very much in the all so many bible study lessons I have audited, I found it a good thing to share on this Monday morning as we head back to the ol’ mill, as it where.

3 Set a guard over my mouth, LORD;
keep watch over the door of my lips.
4 Do not let my heart be drawn to what is evil
so that I take part in wicked deeds
along with those who are evildoers;
do not let me eat their delicacies.

That coupled with a very stanzas of Psalm 143 combine to make a pretty good thought for the day.

9 Rescue me from my enemies, LORD,
for I hide myself in you.
10 Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God;
may your good Spirit
lead me on level ground.

As you get out there in the world today and let your light shine, continue to watch your heart and find shelter in the Creator!

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