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Some Trust in Chariots

Last night I had probably the most unsettling trip to the airport I have ever had. After dinner, my coworker and I heading back to the hotel to get our bags and then we were off to a hotel closer to the airport to prepare for this morning’s early flight. The hotel staff retrieved our bags and hailed us a limo instead of a taxi. However, this was not your typical black town car; this was a brown suburban that appeared to have a few too many miles on it. My friend even asked” Is it legal?” – as in is it a legal taxi? The front license plate was a Livery plate so we climbed in. Now I must saw that this guy really just looked like a buddy of the two door man, but who could tell and the price was right.
So we buckled in and off we went. Since the driver was African – like Somalian or something like that, and since I read too make spy novels and watch too many shows like that, I was feeling like maybe my destination was not the airport. It appears we were taking a circuitous route to the airport; however, it is Boston – the city where you never go the same way twice.
Then as we sat at a traffic light, the driver turned on the engine and leaned over the steering wheel. Immediately my co worker and I sort of drew up a little – “what in the world?”. We waiting until the light turned and he started the car back up and then did a strange uturn. Now it was getting even odder, but I noticed he was heading through one of Boston’s tunnels out to the airport. As we approached the end of the tunnel, the car started slowing down and lurching. At first I thought maybe we was trying to change lanes and had slowed down to allow the other cars past, but then we both realized, the car was not in ‘good health’! My co worker asked if everything was ok, and the reply from the driver was that he had gotten bad gas, when in fact he had no gas.
For the next few miles we sputtered and spitted and nervously looked for a spot to exit the vehicle and walk to the hotel, but  we finally cruised into the lane in the front of the hotel – safe and sound.  (And I was glad I was really not in one of those TV shows or books I read! – although even when I got out, I was still looking for the man who would put the black hood over my head!)
So with that little story, I am reminded of an old Acappella song. So here is a little Psalm to encourage you. Keep your trust in Him.

7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7 (New International Version)

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